Industry Use Cases with Demonstration on Kubernetes

Hello Readers.

Recently I have attended Session on Industry UseCases with Demonstration on Kubernetes with the best industry Expert Neeraj Bhatt Sir(Senior Technical Engineer- OpenShift, Redhat ), Vijit Kuntal Sir(Consultant, Infosys Belgium), and Rushil Sharma Sir( Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google). It was a great learning Session.

In this Session, We learned about: —

👉What is CVS?

-> CVS is a Centralized Version Control System and it is the central store for all your code.

👉 Why is Git preffered over CVS?

-> Git preferred over CVS because Git offers much more tools than CVS. It has branching capabilities. Unlike centralized version control systems, Git branches are cheap and easy to merge.

👉 What is the need of different environments in Production?

-> We need a different environment in production because multiple teams can look up to a project in parallel.

👉 What is Global Traffic Manager?

-> Global Traffic manager applies an Internet-centric approach to global load balancing to provide high site availability and responsiveness to online user requests.

👉 What is Chaos Testing?

-> chaos testing is simply creating the capability to continuously, but randomly, cause failures in your production system.

👉 What are CPU Requests, CPU Limits, CPU Leaks?

-> CPU request refers to a request made for using CPU resource by application, CPU limit refers as it will limit the resource access after certain use, CPU leaks means CPU requested by the application and the limit of the resource is reached.

👉 What is Re-Purpose?

-> Re-Purpose means using the same resource again and again as it gets free from other processes.

👉 What is SCC?

-> SSC is used to do the security of pod-like privilege escalation, SElinux, allocation of FS groups and allowable configuration file of supplements group, etc.

👉 What are Linux Namespaces?

-> Linux namespace is a feature of the Linux kernel that uses partitions kernel resources.

👉 What is the use of Grafana?

-> Grafana is an open-source platform for data visualization, monitoring, and analysis.

Thanks to Vimal Daga sir and Preeti Chandak ma’am for conducting such a great session.




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