Rahul Kumar
3 min readJun 7, 2023

Q. Why to use list in HTML?

→ Group related items and display them one after other.

→ Easy to distinguish each item.

→ For Better readability.

There are three types of HTML lists:

Unordered List:

It helps you to group related items in a bulleted format.

We can create navigation bar using this. (We can place horizontally without bullet.)


  • (disc) is used as marker/bullet in Unordered list by default. if you want to change it there is an attribute list-style-type to change the markers.

Let’s see Example of Square as bullet marker:

Example of circle as bullet marker:

Example of none as bullet marker:

Ordered List:-

It will help you to order the list of items. (e.g., List of instructions given in first page of examination paper)


  • If you want to change the starting of number, then use start attribute by default it is start from beginning.

like this, it will start ordering from 5.

  • By default, ordering of list use regular number, if you want to change this then you can use the attributes list-style-type.

There are many options of marker to change but these are common.





Descriptive List:

It will help you to arrange a list of terms and their associated descriptions in a list format.

  • create a name-value pairs.
  • names: list of terms
  • value: Related descriptions


That’s it for list.

Thank you….