How to Set-up and Configure Docker On AWS cloud

Rahul Kumar
3 min readJun 24, 2022


prerequisite :

  • an EC2 instance (Linux).

What is docker?

  • Docker is open source and written in Google’s Go language. It is based on containerization (OS-level virtualization), where the physical server and operating system are virtualized to produce multiple instances.

Step 1. Launch a Linux instance on AWS:

You can refer this blog for Launching EC2 instance.

I have already launched a Linux Ec2 instance on AWS.

Step 2. Connect to the EC2 instance and install Docker:

I have connected Ec2 instance with Putty.

  • Then run this command to update the yum package :

$ sudo yum update -y

  • Installing docker by running this command:

$ sudo yum install docker -y

Step 3. Configure Docker :

For non-root users in Linux, you might need to proceed with below steps to avoid permission issues.

  • Create the docker group using following command

$ sudo groupadd docker

  • Add user to the docker group using following command:

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Log out and log in again so that the changes get reflected.

Step 4. Start Docker service :

  • Start docker service using following command:

$ sudo systemctl start docker

  • To check docker service status (running or not) using following command:

$ sudo systemctl status docker

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